Design Services Offered

Motorized Sun Solutions will assist you with all Phases of Design and Construction!


Design Phase

Window Treatments and Sun Control are usually the Lowest Cost Portion of the facility, yet have the Largest Impact!  It is imperative that proper planning and analysis be completed during the Design Phase of a project concerning what and where is needed in the building.


Bidding Phase

Proper identification and Budget/Estimating assistance can be provided to ensure that the Lay-Out and Pricing for the facility is in line with Design and Owner/Contractor Requirements.


Installation and Beyond

Once Installed, the end user may need service during the life cycle of the window treatments.  We will help all along the way with service and warranty!

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Design Services

Motorized Sun Solutions offers practical services for contractors and architects across North America.

Our Interior and Exterior Screen Material is now GreenGuard Certified!

Control your comfort. New construction is a great time to start thinking about solar heat gain, security, room darkening, fading, resale value and overall control of your comfort. Incorporate our products into not onto your project. Built-in shutters and screens roll up into the wall or ceiling keeping them out of view when not in use. See our applications below or in the homeowners’ area to learn more about how we can help you.

When is the best time to start the process? Planning! Proper planning is crucial for the best results. We can work with Architects or builders to layout a customized plan for the project, with specs, details and even prices.

If you already have your plans don’t worry it’s not too late. We can also work with your contractor and framer to get the openings prepared for retractable products. If you are building in our products do not start framing the walls until you have at least had an initial consultation with us.

We can work with your building system. We have over 25 years of experience working with every type of building materials available. We have worked with wood, masonry, foam, poured concrete, tip up, straw bale, SIPs, and other green systems.

  • Framed stucco.
  • Masonry.
  • Green Building
  • Interior Screen Sofit Mount

We are solar control experts. We can help you minimize heat gain through windows and doors. We can tell you how the path of the sun will affect heat gain in your home or business.

You can easily have more clients who benefit from comprehensive solar control, weather protection, privacy, security, and energy savings. Just offer to build rolling shutters and solar screens right into the design of their homes or remodeling plans. Click on the product links to learn more about the benefits of each product.

What’s in it for you?

  • Satisfied clients
  • Products that blend into your project
  • Competitive advantage
  • Greater profits
  • Better options

And to make it even easier, Motorized Sun Solutions, provides comprehensive technical assistance including:

  • Architectural details
  • Product specifications
  • Technical specifications

Don’t wait include us in your plans!