Solution Screens

Solution Screens

solution-3-smaller-1024x711The key to energy control is to stop the sun before it heats up your glass and radiates into your home or business. Solution Screens are the ideal retractable solar screen for maximum sun protection on your windows, doors and patios. They were designed to be a very reliable product and will stop 90% of the radiant heat before it gets into your home.

Tucson Rolling Shutters, Inc. has engineered the most advanced exterior retractable solar screen system called the Solution Screen

  • Heat and glare protection
  • Stops 95% of the ultraviolet (UV) radiation
  • Exceptional outward visibility
  • Lower room temperatures
  • Reduce AC loads and save energy
  • Daytime privacy
  • Installed on the exterior but operated from the interior
  • Motorized with wall switches, radio remotes or home automation
  • In-rail fabric tension system
  • 4 inch housing for spans up to 9 feet wide
  • 5 inch housing for spans up to 18 feet wide
  • See Solution Xtreme for widths up to 30 feet wide!


We provide you with increased comfort. Do you have one hot room that feels much warmer than the others?  Solution Screens are designed to absorb the maximum amount of heat before it ever reaches the window or gets inside your home.Heat Protection 90% & 95%UV Protection 90% & 95%Openness Factors 90% & 95% exterior-screens-300x220
Absorbing heat on the outside before it gets in make exterior screens FAR more effective than any interior products. Solution screens are mounted on the outside but controlled from the inside of your home.  We offer radio remotes, wall switches or integration with your home automation. george-and-neal-018-300x244


Solution Screens not only stop heat and glare but protect you and your furnishings. Damaging UV radiation fades couches, rugs and artwork.  We all know UV is also bad for our skin and our pets.The glare from a pool can be almost unbearable as it acts like a mirror with heat and glare. solution-gallery-51-300x256
Which windows and doors need protection?  We can show you the sun path based on the orientation of your home.  We know where the sun rises and sets throughout the year.Pictured shows our screen systems are custom made to just about any size imaginable.  No matter how big or how small your spot we have Solutions to help you. solution-gallery-4-300x225


How can a screen offer such good visibility and still protect from the heat?Uniform strands of individually coated fiberglass. We use fiberglass because it is stronger than polyester and will not stretch or lose shape. QGH
The openness factor and dark colors allow your eye to see the undistorted white light coming through the Solution Screens.  The dark colors reduce glare so your eye sees past the screen as if it were part of the window. char-bronze-thumb-150x150


During the day you can see out but no one can see in. Take a bath with the Solution Screens down and feel confident no one is watching. Relax in comfort and enjoy the beautiful views through your screens because they are the Solution! meier-residence-bathroom-300x225

What Makes a Tucson Solution Screen so Effective?


Our solar screens have to be extremely durable to last in the sun year after year.  We use a fabric with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.  The coated fiberglass yarn gives our screens strength and stability especially in the harsh Tucson heat.

The Solution

Retractable Fabric Tension System
Solution Screens are the ideal retractable solar screen for maximum sun protection on your windows, doors and patios. Solution Screens were designed to be a very reliable product without the constant concern for windy conditions.

Our exclusive designs keep the fabric under constant tension in a zip system once they start rolling out from the protective hood and start gliding down the guide rails.Tension keeps the screen from billowing and has been successfully weight tested up to 850 lbs. This feature allows you to keep your screens down in moderate windy conditions allowing you to protect your year-round. george-and-neal-0191-300x225
We use extruded aluminum with a powder coated finish for all our housing, guide rails, and bottom bars.If one of our six standard colors doesn’t match your décor, we can custom color match to meet your specific requirements in our own state of the art powder coating facility.  Learn more about our advanced powdering in the About Us-Facilities section. az-room-solutions-300x225
Pictured is a Rolling Shutter with a Screen mounted to it.  All of the aluminum hardware is custom powder coated a mat rustic finish to match the South Western decor.  Clients like combo systems because they get the best of both worlds.  Security and all the protection of the shutters but also the heat protection and great view through the screen.  On a cool cloudy day while you are home have both products retracted up out of the way completely.There are certain times of day and certain times of the year when you don’t want or need a screen on your windows which is why we manufacture and sell retractable products. solution-shutter-combo-300x225
You don’t have to live with sun issues anymore. We have the solution. The Solution Screen.