Tucson Interiors

Benefits of Tucson Interiors

Tucson Interiors, like all of our products, roll. They roll down into place when you need them, and up out of sight when you don’t. Exterior mounted screens are 40-50% more effective than interior screens. However, there are applications where the exterior mount is just not feasible.

For these areas we have created the best motorized retractable screen for interior use. They are available in many different colors and fabric styles to match your needs.


Tucson Interiors Materials

Tucson Interiors are available with countless fabric styles exclusively from 3G Mermet. You select the combination of view, privacy, light-blocking, color, and texture that you want in each location.

Fabric for Tucson Interiors is woven from PVC-coated fiberglass. PVC encases the tough fiberglass core, and comes in a wide range of functional and decorative colors.

  • The open waves can be used to reduce heat and glare without losing your visibility. This product is perfect for a room with a nice view but too much heat.
  • The semi-translucent and opaque shades offer total privacy while still allowing some light to filter into the room.
  • The room darkening material offers near black out conditions to make a room dark and comfortable. Media rooms, home theater or bedrooms are places that low or no light can be desired.

Tucson Interiors Control Options

From simple manual operation, to completely automatic electric operation, the choices are yours with Tucson Interiors. You choose the level of convenience that matches your lifestyle.

Motorized Tucson Interiors have electric motors that can be operated with wall-mounted switches or with hand-held remote controls. Automatic features available for Tucson Interiors include an assortment of timers and sun sensors. These features offer the ultimate in convenience, to give you automatic control over your environment.

Color Selection

Tucson Interiors come in a wide array of fabric weaves, textures, and colors to match your décor. From brightly colored solar protection fabric that preserves the view, to subtle room-darkening fabric, to complete blackout applications, we can help you make the best choices for your setting.

Aluminum materials for Tucson Interiors are available in our standard colors of white, light beige, dark beige, bronze, cream, gray, and in a clear anodized finish. As with our other products, we are able to powder coat aluminum Tucson Interiors parts with custom colors matched specifically to your décor.